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Duluth East Senior High School Class of 1965 - Guestbook

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Gregory Greyhound! - 09-05-2019
Save the date:   Saturday August 15,2020.   We will be coming together at Bruce Paddocks home in ORONO MN   otherwise known as Bracketts point rd on Lake Minnetonka.  A WONDERFUL day is planned with a narrated boat tour of the lake , dinner and drinks followed by a fireworks show after dark.   AND   … maybe..... we might have some old 60s tunes so you can have a slow dance on the veranda.
Nance Riddell - 04-29-2019
I grew up in Lakeside and attended Stanbrook Hall. I am reaching out to anyone that knew me.

Gregory Greyhound! - 05-25-2018
There will be a table reserved for our class and friends down at downtown Sammys on the first Sunday of each month all summer of 2018.  5:30 is the time..see you there.
Sandy (Gergen) Robinson - 08-15-2017
Oh fun, just found this guestbook!  Now to go and read it!  See you on Saturday!
Bill Enrico - 10-16-2015
Gene, thanks for your time in putting together such an informative web site.  Hard to believe only three years of our lives would leave such an impact.  Nice to see the accomplishments of many of our classmates.  Wonderful times-great people. Best wishes Gene and keep up the good work.
Sara Louise Clapper States Caulk - 09-07-2015
Looks likenI'm going to miss seeing all of you kids this weekend. Have a great time!

Great job keeping everyone up to date, Gene. Thanks.

T. Dan Smith - 08-26-2015
Thank you for this great site! Sorry that I missed senior year as our family moved to Michigan. So then I missed being a stockier dog but became a Spartan.  Most of my life has  been spent as an expat, but I plan to return conus in time for the reunion if you would welcome a deserter.  Hope to see you.    Dan
Judy Jeneson Higgins - 08-15-2015
I have just spent an HOUR looking at this great complilation of memories and LOVED every minute!  Thank you so much, Gene, for all you have done to build and keep up this site. All reservations are made and looking forward to seeing you all in less than a month!  
Janet Erickson Evans - 08-14-2015
Enjoyed the web site  Everyone has done a lot of work.  Sorry I will not be able to attend the reunion.  I just retired from Longwood University and my husband and I will be traveling in North and South Carolina.  Have a great time and I look forward to seeing pictures on this site.  Go Greyhounds.
Gene Hill - 06-29-2015
Connie, The classmate contact information on this site replaces the old index card system that the reunion committee has used in the past. A BIG concern in moving to such a system was privacy. We sure do not want to expose private contact info without permission to do so. That is why each classmate can now update their own phone , email, and mailing address and also check a box for each to make it public (which only shows it to classmates who view this site) or to keep it private (only the reunion committee can see it).
 So to answer your question, no there is no way for you to see phone numbers or email addresses unless that classmate has chosen to click the public box. When you scroll down the list of names under contact classmates, you will see some small icons next to some of the names. If you put your mouse over an icon it will show you the contact info IF they have made it public.

Connie Vranyes Gultekin - 06-24-2015
Is there a place on this site we can go to to contact classmates who do not have their e-mail or phone available in the contact classmate section?????

Would appreciate any help....thanks.
Connie Vranyes Gultekin - 04-10-2015
How fortunate we are to have this site to connect with people we made memories with.  Thank you Gene for all your work on this site and for caring enough to do this.  Last night I received a call from a classmate I had not heard from since graduation.  What a SURPRISE and what a boost to get me to try to find others that were a BIG part of my years at East :)
Looking forward to more connections.....Connie
Mary Neff Brumfiel - 04-03-2015
I haven't been back to Duluth for about 45 years, but absolutely plan to get to our 50th reunion.  It's fun to see familiar names and will be more fun to see old (really!)classmates.  

By the way, I actually now own 2 greyhounds -- guess it was meant to be.
marilyn sorenson schuyler - 03-22-2015
just found this site today.  great. so many memories.  i have lived in florida for over 40 yrs.  only been back to minn. a few times last time about 15 yrs ago.  retired r.n., lost my husband in 2008.  sold last of the race horses and the farm.  just leisure time now.trying to reach a former classmate, but unsuccessful.  maybe you could assist.would love to reunite with classmates in sept.  time will tell.  hope spring comes soon to all of you up north.  marilyn schuyler
Robert Edmund House - 03-20-2015
Hi Gene, I am most interested in organizing a  reunion of our 1965 Duluth East big band, 'The Instrumentalists', to perform at Reunion events. How to proceed? Cheers, Edmund  (former VP of band and 'man with the beat').

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