Duluth East Senior High School Class of 1965
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Duluth East Senior High School Class of 1965 - Class Trivia Contest #1
Who was what ?

1. Who was voted most likely to succeed?
A - John Shively
B - Harvey Smith
C - Bob Kaner
D - Steve Pierce
E - Nancy Berkleman
F - Mike 'Fritz' Anderson

2. Who was voted most mischievous?
A - Pam Tode
B - Judy Jenesen
C - Bonnie Matheson
D - Judy Bridges
E - Sandy Briglia
F - Penny Johnson

3. What two scoundrels stole a pad of hall passes and skipped out of study halls for weeks?
A - Rick Darland and Frank Bolos
B - Bruce Carlson and John Tarro
C - Steve Heim and Gene Hill
D - Steve Eckman and Dene Halvorson
E - Dave Heimbach and Skip Jossund
F - Pete Van Calcar and Will Swanstrom

4. What classmate has a Doctorate Degree in Corporate Tax
A - Dr. Theodore Stokich
B - Dr. Walter Strasser
C - Dr. Paul Tamminen
D - Dr. Harvey Smith
E - Dr. Robin Walker
F - Dr. Terry Stein

5. Who was voted most service to the school
A - Polly Hedman and Terry Stein
B - Penny Johnson and John McBride
C - Paula Nelson and Ert Hermerdin
D - Lynn LaBarre and Steve Pierce
E - Stan Davis and kathy Bzoskie

6. Who was voted best looking?
A - Mary Bruton and Roger Reid
B - Paula Nelson and Ert Hermerding
C - Nancy Berkelman and Don LeGendre
D - Patty Tosseland and John Shively
E - Edith Bunker and Don Rickles

7. Who was the student council treasurer?
A - Dick Look
B - Gary Gabrielson
C - Jon Welles
D - Mark Levenson
E - Phil Heimbach
F - D. B. Cooper

8. Who played trombone in the pep band ?
A - Jim Berg
B - Brian Backberg
C - Bruce Carlson
D - Gregg Ross
E - Benji Wolfe

9. Crowned 1965 Sno-Beau?
A - Archey and Nancy
B - Mary and Bill
C - Frank and Peggy
D - Benji and Jane
E - Steve and Lynn
F - Don and Sandy

10. What East teacher drove a Corvette?
A - Robert Canfield
B - Lowell Bolger
C - William Fayling
D - Florence 'Flossy' Hector
E - Brantley Bublitz
F - Jackson Huntley

11. AFS student Monique DeWilde was from what country?
A - France
B - Austria
C - Belgium
D - Holland
E - Greyhoundistan
F - Germany

12. Who was the school nurse?
A - Mrs. Kevorkian
B - Mrs Eicholz
C - Nurse Ratchet
D - Marie Currie
E - Mrs Paulkner
F - Miss Mary Eva Reque

13. What classmate drove a 1958 Impala convertible?
A - Dave Heimbach
B - Jon Welles
C - Terry Stein
D - Skip Jossund
E - Harvey Smith
F - Jim Moland

14. Who was NOT in the senior knitting club?
A - Judy Hagenbrock
B - Ellen Harris
C - Roberta malwick
D - Saranee Seiler
E - Jim Moland
F - Robin Gerber

15. Who was Not an office cadet?
A - Pat Backstrom
B - Ginny Morrow
C - Karol Kolstad
D - Linda Sather
E - Jand Stoffregen
F - Carol Bantel

16. Who was caught smoking in the washroom
A - Dave Hougan
B - Dick Albert
C - Roger Downs
D - Kerry Froom
E - John Flint
F - none of the above

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