Duluth East Senior High School Class of 1965
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Duluth East Senior High School Class of 1965 - 1965 News Items
Do you remember?

1. Who was the first person to walk in space?
A - John Young
B - Alexei Leonov
C - Pavel Balyaver
D - David Hougen
E - Edward White

2. Which country gained independence in 1965?
A - Swaziland
B - Rwanda
C - Kuwait
D - Gambia
E - Greyhoundistan

3. Ferdinand Marcos became president of?
A - The Phillippines
B - Spain
C - The London House
D - Venezuala
E - Costa Rica

4. The Worlds first domed stadium opened 1965 in?
A - Minneapolis MN
B - Houston Texas
C - Seattle WA
D - New Orleans LA

5. What Play won the Tony award for best musical in 65?
A - Tovarich
B - Fiddler On The Roof
C - Half Sixpence
D - My Three Angels
E - Caberet

6. What fast food place had a WEBC sock hop in their parking lot?
A - The Fountain restaurant
B - The Canal Park Drive In
C - Mr Nicks
D - A  and Dubs
E - Somebodys House
F - Joe Hueys

7. What restaurant had  a dumb waiter?
A - Plaza Diner
B - The Captains Table
C - Jolly Fisher
D - The Candy Bar
E - Richies Drive In
F - Somebodys House (but it was a dumb waitress)

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