Duluth East Senior High School Class of 1965
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Duluth East Senior High School Class of 1965 - Blast from the past..Do you remember ?
A big thanks to Al Grogan for this nice quiz, thanks Al..

1. What builds strong bodies twelve ways?
A - Flintstone vitamins
B - The Buttmaster
C - Wonder bread
D - Cod liver oil
E - Milk
F - Oarnge juice

2. Before he was Muhammed Ali he was
A - Sugar Ray Leonard
B - Sugar Ray robinson
C - Roy Orbison
D - Joe Frasier
E - Mickey Mantel
F - Cassius Clay

3. Pogo the comic strip character said 'We have met the enemy and -
A - It was You
B - He is us
C - He wasn't home
D - he be the Grinch
E - we quit
F - he surrendered

4. Good night David..
A - Good night Irene
B - and be kind
C - Good night Gracie
D - see ya later alligator
E - Good night Chet
F - and thats the way it is

5. You'll wonder where the yellow went when you
A - use Tide
B - clean your toilet seat
C - install a new Kenmore water purifier
D - brush yhour teeth with pepsodent
E - apply grecian formula

6. Before he was skippers little buddy, Bob Denver waws
A - Stuart Whitman
B - Randolph Scott
C - Steve Reeves
D - Maynard G Krebs
E - Corky B Dork
F - Dobie Gillis

7. Liar Liar  
A - Your a liar
B - Your nose on fire
C - Your pants on fire
D - I'm telling mom
E - join the choir
F - on the wire

8. Meanwhile back in Metropolis Superman fights a never ending battle for truth justice and
A - Wheaties
B - Lois Lane
C - World peace
D - the American way
E - faster than a speeding bullet
F - the Daily Planet

9. Hey kids, What time is it?
A - Its Yogi Bear and Boo Boo time
B - Its time for romper room
C - Its time for Mr Toot
D - Its bed time
E - Its Howdy Doody time
F - Its Scooby Dooby time

10. Lions and Tigers and Bears
A - Yikes
B - Oh No!
C - Oy Vey!
D - I'm scared!
E - Play Ball!
F - Oh My!

11. Bob Dylan advised us to never trust
A - Anyone over 30
B - Anyone over 40
C - anyone wearing a uniform
D - anyone who says 'trust me'
E - a politician
F - anyone you don't know

12. NFL Quarterback who appeared in a commercial wearing womens stockings
A - Troy Aikman
B - Joe Namath
C - Brett Favre
D - Roger Staubach
E - Joe Montana
F - Bart Starr

13. Before Robin Williams, Peter Pan was played by
A - Clark Gable
B - Mary Martin
C - Doris Day
D - Errol Flyn
E - Sally Field
F - Jim Carrey

14. I Wonder Wonder ...
A - Who I am
B - Who passed the test
C - were the yellow went
D - whos sorry now
E - who wrote the book of love
F - who was known as 'grasshopper'!

15. I'm strong to the finish
A - cause I lift weights
B - but bad breath isnt everything
C - Cause I eats me spinach
D - now off to the bat cave
E - and don't you forget it
F - Enrico is winnish

16. When it's least expected, you're elected,......
A - Smile your on candid camera
B - See the USA in a Chevrolet
C - Queen for a day
D - Smile your on TV
E - Smile and the world smiles with you
F - Goodnight and hope you get out of jail soon

17. Who started the London Inn but sold it to Andresons?
A - Jeno Palucci
B - Nick from Mr Nicks
C - Gordy from Gordy's Hit Hat
D - Jim from Jims Hamburgers
E - Sammy from Sammys Pizza
F - John Arco from Arco coffee

18. A party line was
A - A conga type dance done at parties
B - I'm in charge of casting for Hollywood movies.
C - A thin cord that clowns use to dry their clothes on
D - A telephone line with multiple users

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